"I have been a client of Donna Pace of Jade Holistic Spa for many years. I trust her to deliver the best possible care for my skin because she is very knowledgeable and she truly cares about what she is using on her clients.

Donna is passionate about incorporating only the cleanest and safest products and techniques in her treatments and is continuously researching and upgrading in her goal to have the “cleanest”, most nontoxic spa anywhere.

I always come away from my treatments relaxed and rejuvenated. She’s the best!"

Pat Long
Aurora, ON

“For me, it all comes down to trust. I care about my body and what goes into it and on it and I know I can trust Jade Holistic Spa. Donna Pace, always professional, holds her spa to a very high standard, carrying only the finest quality products and treatments, which she researches thoroughly before introducing to her clients, so I know I can trust her recommendations.

I enjoy the relaxing, calm atmosphere of Jade Holistic Spa and Donna Pace, always on the lookout for something new and exciting to share with her clients, keeps things fresh and interesting, either by introducing new techniques or treatments or by bringing in beautiful products and riches from all over the globe.

Jade Holistic Spa is truly a gem in the heart of Bolton.”

Sandra Chiarotto
Bolton, Ontario

“I have had the supreme pleasure of being a client to Donna Pace for over 10 wonderful years.

She is extremely knowledgeable and skillful and has taken the utmost care of my skin and overall well-being. She is a perfectionist, who diligently researches every product that she carries before she gives it her stamp of approval. She is a consummate professional and a lovely lady.

I do not hesitate to recommend Donna Pace and Jade Holistic Spa to friends and acquaintances, and hope that our relationship continues in the coming years.”

Anna Pierri
Caledon, Ontario

"I have been a loyal client to Jade Holistic Spa for over 7 years. The spa only uses great organic products for treatments and are also sold at the boutique. Donna is very knowledgeable and promotes a holistic approach to wellness. As a former person with problem skin I am now complimented on having healthy and glowing skin...I would go nowhere else! I will and have highly recommended Jade Holistic Spa to everyone."

Caledon, Ontario

"Jade holistic spa is very special because of its owner Donna Pace. After my first visit 4 years ago I have made a point of having services once a month without fail. What keeps me coming back is Donna's passion for her business and unrelenting need to continue to learn more about esthetics, and nutritional health. Being Caledons holistic spa means Donna is very knowledgeable about what ingredients are in products and how it effects your health and well being. Donna is constantly striving to provide service that is beyond expectations which she does in many ways from her signature pedicure to her facials . Check out the gift boutique as she also carries unique products from eco-friendly gifts to organic skin care products. I would also highly recommend her laser therapy treatments. I am so happy to have found Jade Holistic Spa here in Caledon and would recommend it to anyone."

Connie McCulloch
Caledon, Ontario

"I have been a client at Jade for more than 10 years. Donna has guided me through the steps to conscientious skincare and nutrition that have given me the knowledge to make better choices. I believe in her approach to caring for ourselves.....using products that are safe and luxurious and taking the time to rejuvenate and revitalize. I highly recommend a visit to Jade Holistic Spa for exactly that!"

Ginny Davidson
Orangeville, Ontario